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New Appointments within John K Philips

We are pleased to announce that John Hardman and Karen Barker have been appointed Operations and Assistant Operations Managers within the Company. These are challenging positions, but they have both proved, over the years, that they are capable of facing up to the challenges in the industry and we know they can take the Company another step forward.

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Celebrating Jack’s 18th Birthday

Jack Robert Cardwell – Coming of Age

Jack, who is an apprentice employee at the John K Philips Group Limited, St. Helens, was 18 on Sunday the 26th July 2015 but started his celebrations way before then. The first week in July he spent 7 days with friends, party-ing in Turkey between the 2nd and 9th. Then, on the Friday before his Birthday, there was a mini celebration held in the offices with all his work colleagues (see photograph) before finishing work and having a wonderful weekend with all his mates doing everything an 18 year old would do.

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Give new drivers a chance!

Have you heard the tale about the grandfather who wrote a letter to a transport magazine? …If not, then read on…

‘Commercial Motor’ is one of our favourite industry magazines – it’s the inside line of the transport world, full of news, opinions and letters. That’s where the story begins. In the April 9th issue, RA Buros, a grandfather, wrote a letter to the trade mag lamenting his grandson’s situation.

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