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why transportation is important

Importance of Transportation

A world without transport is one none of us has ever experienced in the 21st century. But why is transportation so important in the modern age?

Could you imagine a life without transportation? Although an easier picture to conjure up for older generations, most of us won’t recall a time where transport wasn’t at the heart of every day life. It’s true that the importance of transportation can easily be overlooked, but without it – the life we live today would be entirely different.

At John K. Philips, we have been transporting and distributing goods for over 40 years – and we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact the transportation industry has had on businesses both big and small. Our extensive fleet of trucks work across both the UK and internationally to enable businesses to meet customer needs and thrive in a competitive environment. But without services like ours, where would businesses be today?

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History Of Transport

Planes, trains and automobiles – without the huge assortment of transportation options that we now use every single day, it’s hard to imagine how the modern world would function. From keeping to traders in business to helping us visit family and friends, the evolution of transport has been hugely significant, so with that in mind we’re going to take a look at it’s history.

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