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Pallet Delivery

Safety in a Warehouse!

Health and safety is a high priority in any workplace. Warehouses, when properly managed, are safe working environments; there are many potential threats, but all are avoidable. Warehouse health and safety standards are well established and designed primarily to avoid accidents and injury and secondly to minimise the effects should anything go wrong. Listed below are some key considerations to ensure you get through the day accident free.

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The Warehouse Distribution Process

Within this post we will be discussing the warehouse distribution process. This is a process that can change depending on each company, but the over all concept stays the same.

It begins with the collection; all items that the business wish to have and sell are picked up and received by the company. This enables them to be put up for sale by the company and eventually it will result in an income for the business.

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New Food Standard Warehouse.

Over the last 2 months, we have had our ‘A’ Shed converted from a standard warehouse unit into a Food Standard Warehouse.

This has meant using a variety of professional tradesmen to build new walls, seal and insulate the ceiling, shot blast the floor, clean and paint all walls and steelwork structures and seal the floor with a high grade floor sealant.

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Benefits of bonded warehousing

There are no shortage of UK businesses offering outsourced warehousing facilities to UK businesses but not so many have the pedigree and faculty to provide Bonded Warehousing!

If you are involved in importing goods into the UK you will at some point most likely need to store goods in a bonded warehouse. If you’re not sure exactly what bonded warehousing is this article will attempt to fill in the blanks…

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