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Where to find wooden pallets for sale

In today’s world, recycling, reusing and upcycling is more important than it ever has been before. As a result, we are seeing more of a demand for materials that are both practical and economical – and wooden pallets are by far and away one of the most popular.

Typically made from pine, wooden pallets are fantastic for reimagining into quirky furniture. But what’s more, is their ability to offer a secure platform for holding and distributing goods.

Here at John K Philips, we have specialised in pallet transport for a number of years, and we’ve seen first-hand the range of benefits pallets have to offer. So, whether you’re planning on getting creative, or are looking for wooden pallets for sale to be used in the distribution of goods – you’ve come to the right place as we give you the lowdown on where best to obtain wooden pallets for your business needs.

Why do we offer a pallet delivery service?

When it comes to the transportation of goods, there are plenty of options out there, so why wooden pallets?

  • Eco-friendlyWooden pallets are reusable and can be utilised time and time again for transportation – but that’s not all! Wooden pallets can also securely house a range of goods without the need for excessive packaging, making them a great eco-friendly alternative.
  • Affordability – Less packaging ultimately means less cost. Instead of paying for distribution and transport in full, here at John K Philips we go that extra mile to get you the best value for money, so you only pay for the pallet space your goods take up! This may mean that your goods are in transit alongside others, but it ensures you are able to save money wherever possible.
  • Safer – If part of your business involves distributing goods to customers, then you want to feel confident that they are safe during transit. Pallet delivery services offer a secure, tightly packed method of getting goods safely from a to b.

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Where to find pallets

If you’re wondering where you can find wooden pallets for sale, then you’re probably not alone! However, you’ll be glad to know that, despite their popularity, wooden pallets are still pretty readily available and so can be found quite easily if you know where to look. Here are some of the most common places where you can buy pallets:

  • Online – places such as eBay, Gumtree and local buying and selling sites are often providing pallets for sale with some even given away for free!
  • Specialist stores
  • Garden centres
  • Farms
  • Supermarkets

What industries can benefit from using a pallet courier?

Perhaps one of the key reasons why wooden pallets are so popular in distribution lies in their versatility. Almost every industry can use pallets for their business distribution because they take up minimal space, can be stacked high and can withstand substantial size and weight.

This means that whether you’re in the business of distributing household goods, white goods or even specialist waste – a reliable pallet delivery service can be a perfect fit.

Contact John K Philips for your distribution needs

We’ve specialised in offering a pallet delivery service for over 40 years now, so we’re confident in our service and ability to meet the highest of expectations. We’re also trained and experienced in handling hazardous materials, so whatever industry you’re part of – it’s worth contacting us to see how we can help with your distribution needs.