Hazchem Network

As specialists in the transportation of dangerous goods, John K. Philips Group is a proud member of the Hazchem Network – the only independent hazardous distribution network in the UK.

Hazchem is made up of over 48 reputable distribution companies across the country, all working together to guarantee next-day delivery of hazardous goods anywhere within the UK and Europe.

The network has a modern warehouse, strategically centred in Rugby, and all consignments are segregated by chemical type to ensure maximum safety.

All drivers are ADR trained and adhere to the strictest safety standards, while Hazchem utilises the latest in real-time tracking technology to follow deliveries and alert the customer to any unforeseen delays.

Hazchem transports many types of hazardous loads including:

  • Pallets of all sizes
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
  • Palletised gas cylinders, drums and carton traffic
  • Aerosols and Dewar vessels
  • Polybulks
  • ADR parcels

For more information on the Hazchem network, visit the website at www.hazchemnetwork.co.uk