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Why Is Transportation Important?

A world without transport is one none of us has ever experienced in the 21st century. But why is transportation so important in the modern age?

At John K. Philips, we have been transporting and distributing goods for over 40 years – and we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact the transportation industry has had on businesses both big and small. Our extensive fleet of trucks work across both the UK and internationally to enable businesses to meet customer needs and thrive in a competitive environment. But without services like ours, where would businesses be today?

Has transport really improved our 21st century?

Well…yes. The world we live in today would not be possible without the use of transportation and the innovations that have come from it. Mobility, travel and economic activity depend on it.

Without cars, planes, trains and buses we’d struggle to get from place to place with the ease we do now. Millions of people depend on transport to go to work, home and to go about their daily business – can you imagine a world without that availability?

Transportation for business

Having constant access to transport has, without a doubt, increased economic activity. Most industries and businesses require fast and efficient transportation to deliver and receive goods and raw materials in order to maintain steady business and generate a profit Economic growth depends on the availability of reliable transportation – like ours – which allows trade to reach out to a wider spread of consumers.

Transportation for work

Transport provides many opportunities for employment – such as train drivers, deliveries, cabin crew, captains, pilots, conductors and people behind the scenes, in traffic control for example. Whether your job is in transportation itself, or you rely on it to get yourself to work – transportation runs through the heart of most people’s everyday working life.

Transportation for connectivity

If you’re searching for new work premises, we’ll bet one of the first things you look for is good access to transport links. Transportation is a great way to improve a location. Better access to transport increases a place’s popularity and therefore growth. It’s why so many roads and bridges seem to pop up everywhere you go. This reduces travel costs for businesses and consumers creating an easier way for us to get what we need – or go to it.

Transportation for convenience

Due to transport we live in the fast-paced world we do, where we can get pizza at 2am from a guy on a motorbike and run for trains at 8am. We’re able to order late at night for next day delivery from cities miles away, we can track our deliveries from the moment we order them to the moment they arrive at our door.

Thanks to transportation – the possibilities are endless.

Are you making the most of transportation for your business?

If you’re a business owner, perhaps you’re wondering whether you are getting the most out of the transportation available. Do you benefit from distribution on a grand scale? Can your customers track their deliveries? If not – then perhaps you should consider contacting us at John K. Philips.

We offer a range of transportation services that can take your business operations to the next level. Here are just some of our most popular services:


Over the years we have built up a strong reputation as one of the leading haulage companies in St Helens and the surrounding area. Offering flexibility to our customers, we can provide both road haulage services as well as bulk transportation across the UK and beyond. You can benefit from same and next day delivery in the UK, and we also offer our services for hazardous goods.

Full and part load distribution

We understand that not every business will require a full lorry for their consignment, which is why we work to save your company time and money with our part load service. We also offer full load services for those big consignments, ensuring we meet your requirements every time.

Track and trace

It can be daunting trusting someone else with your consignment, which is why we offer a full track and trace service with top end technology, keeping you in the loop at all times. For you this means that if we hit a snag or delay, you’ll be the first to know, offering both you and your customers full transparency.

In-house logistics

One of the most challenging parts of running a successful business is the logistics, which is why when you use us for your storage and distribution, you are also benefiting from our integrated logistics solutions. We have a team of logistics experts who are on hand to offer advice, planning and industry knowledge at every step of the way.

These services, amongst a range of others that can boost the productivity of your business, are the reason why we are considered a leading company in our industry. So, if any of our transportation services sound like something you’re missing – then contact us today on 01744 751000 or fill in our short contact form.