Logistics Warrington

For companies based in Warrington, logistics matters are a breeze when you choose to work with John K Philips. We’re experienced haulage specialists who can help you and your business through every step of the distribution process.

Our headquarters are in St Helens, so Warrington distribution projects are extremely straightforward for our team. No challenge is too big or too difficult for John K Philips – after all, our company can look back over more than forty years within the industry.

If you’re concerned about any contents of your shipments, which may be dangerous or volatile, never fear – all of our vehicles are optimised according to ADR specifications and all of our staff are ADR trained. We’re also official members of the national Hazchem Network, so we’re used to handling consignments of hazardous materials and substances.

John K Philips is also a proud member of Palletforce, and the vehicles in our fleet come in all shapes and sizes – from 1.2 tonne capacity vans to 18 tonne rigids with tail lifts, 26 tonne rigids with tail lifts and 44 tonne tractor units – so we can transport virtually any size of shipment.

Warrington haulage consignments can travel right across the UK, through Europe and into the wider world, with the help of John K Philips. We’re logistics specialists, and our staff work with state of the art computerised systems to calculate the best possible routes and ideal schedules to ensure that all loads arrive as quickly and safely as possible. This means that you, your partners and your clients can rest assured that all items will be on the road when they’re meant to be, and will be delivered in tip-top condition exactly when they are expected. You can even use our track and trace system to ensure that you know the location of your goods at any point.

Don’t fret over the perceived complexity and logistics of haulage – our team are trained to guide you through every step and come up with a fool-proof plan, making sure that distribution from Warrington bases is as easy as possible. We’ll even help to save you money by only charging you for the portion of a consignment that your goods take up, so part loads will always be cheaper than full loads.

John K Philips also owns a series of secure warehouses in the North West, so your products can be safely stored with no additional fuss, worry or organisational stress.

If you’d like to hear more about the logistics assistance and advice John K Philips can offer you and your business, all you need to do is call our team today on 01744 751000 or fill in an online contact form here. We can collect and deliver items at any time of the day or night, so get in touch now to start the ball rolling and discuss the ways in which we might be able to assist you – from setting up a solid plan to getting the distribution of your goods successfully underway. Our friendly staff will be happy to hear from you.