Parcel delivery in Wigan

Here at John K. Philips, we now offer an efficient and professional parcel delivery service in Wigan. We are based just a stone’s throw away from this busy town and, as such, we demonstrate excellent knowledge of the area. Our modern fleet is perfectly situated to pick up and deliver your goods – taking advantage of the UK’s extensive motorway system, nearby ports and international airports.

A leading parcel delivery service in Wigan

There are several reasons why John K. Philips is known as one of the best parcel delivery companies in Wigan. Not only do we use a state-of-the-art computer system to plan the quickest, most direct route, we also use advanced vehicle tracking technology. Such technology allows you to track the current location of your parcel and keep up-to-date on its progress and estimated time of arrival.

Our parcel delivery service in Wigan is suitable for a range of different consignments, including everything from small packages to large pallets. We are also a member of the well-known Hazchem Network, an international network that specialises in the transportation of dangerous goods. As such, we can safely deliver hazardous materials and chemicals across the UK and beyond.

Contact us today for a parcel delivery in Wigan

If you are seeking a reliable parcel delivery company in Wigan, particularly for the transportation and delivery of hazardous goods, John K. Philips is here to help. Our team of experts demonstrate a significant level of experience in this area and they will happily identify the perfect parcel delivery option for you. Either give us a call on 01744 751000 or send a message using the online form.