Track and Trace Facility

Our head office is located in St Helens, which is strategically positioned just off the M6, M62 and M56 so we are easy to get to wherever you are coming from. The nerve centre of our operations, this head office is home to our industry-leading logistics and planning staff, as well as being equipped with all the technology needed to coordinate our operations across the UK and Europe.

We use this central coordinating hub to process every order we received, as well as planning all routes to be as efficient as possible, tailored directly to our client’s individual needs. Our expert transport planners control operations with a keen eye, so we can adapt to ever-changing conditions in real-time.

Track and Trace Technology

One of the key pieces of technology used in this real-time coordination – and one of the main keys to our success over the years – is a state of the art computer network which tracks the distribution process of individual consignments from the moment of pickup, right to when the pallet delivery service is concluded.

An example of this being our forward-thinking real-time electronic signature capturing. This helps our teams track the progress of a consignment through every stage of its journey, providing accurate information on the stage of the delivery that your parcel is at. Armed with this knowledge, our transport planning and coordination teams can watch the progress of your freight, notifying you ahead of time in the event of a delay. Our transport tracking service adapts to the changing conditions as they occur to provide the best possible service.

parcel tracking technology

In addition to this, our track and trace facility shows us the exact status of your consignment at any given time. For example, we have information on:

  • The current location of your goods
  • All vehicles involved in the delivery
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Whether delivery is likely to be early, on-time or late
  • The driver responsible for delivering a consignment
  • The warehouse operative who handled your consignment

All of this knowledge helps us maintain our industry-leading service quality and reliability. We make sure that your consignments get where they need to be on time, first time!

We take great pride in the planning and coordination experts at John K. Phillips, and so we make sure that they are always well-armed with the latest training and equipment, to guarantee the best possible service for our customers!

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Are you interested in getting more information on the ways in which we can plan and coordinate your consignment? Or would you like to check the status of a consignment that is currently in transit? If so, you can call our head office at any time on 01744 751000 or send us a message directly using our contact form, and we will reply as soon as we can!

We’re happy to answer any enquires you have and provide expert advice or information that you may need to help you find the ideal solution to your transportation needs – whether you need to ship one parcel or several full truckloads!

Our head office team can also provide quotes for consignments or process any orders which you wish to make, including haulage of chemicals and hazardous materials, or warehousing and distribution. Whatever you need, the team at John K. Philips is here to help.