Bonded Warehouse in Liverpool

Why Liverpool?

Our Liverpool-based bonded warehouse is an ideal location for all your storage needs, due to its proximity to the famous ports and John Lennon Airport, which enables quick and efficient shipment from our bonded warehouse to your preferred location.

Advantages of a bonded warehouse

One of the main advantages of having our bonded warehouse in Liverpool is that any imported cargo can be transported from Liverpool ports to our local warehouse, where we provide expert storage facilities at low-cost prices. The proximity of the warehouse will reduce damage to goods, allow your business to make significant savings regarding transportation costs, and also lower carbon emissions.

Storing goods in a bonded warehouse means you only pay duty when the items exit the warehouse, as technically the goods never enter the UK market, so there are no import and VAT charges.

What our expert staff can do for you

All of our Liverpool-based staff are expertly trained to handle all paperwork, as well as any details required by HMRC when shipping items out of the warehouse. Our warehouse team have extensive experience with keeping track of incoming and outgoing stock. They also have assistance from our innovative tracking system, which automatically tracks all ingoing and outgoing stock in real time.

How John K Philips can help

John K Philips can help with all your import and export needs at reduced prices. Our automated tracking systems will ensure your business maintains efficiency in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

For further information on our Liverpool-based bonded warehouse, fill in our contact form or speak to a member of our expert staff on 01744 751000.