Bonded Warehouse in Manchester

Why Manchester for you Bonded Warehouse?

Manchester is the perfect setting for one of our bonded warehouses, due to the ease of access to Manchester airport, nearby docks, and transportation systems, which allow efficient import and export procedures.

Manchester’s proximity to these shipment outlets reduces the possibility of damage, cuts transportation costs and lowers carbon emissions, making for a more efficient business.

bonded warehouse manchester

Benefits of a bonded warehouse

Our Manchester-based bonded warehouse is HMRC-authorised, which means you will not be taxed on import charges. This also enables accelerated removal from the warehouse to your exact destination with maximum efficiency.

A variety of goods can be stored in our bonded warehouse without even entering into the UK market. This makes it the perfect storage space for any organisation looking to reduce their import and export costs.

Bonded Warehousing Services in Manchester

Our bonded warehouse team

Our skilled staff will assist you with all your logistical needs, including any administration work required for HMRC, stock management and traceability. We also use an automated barcode tracking system, which enables effective distribution monitoring, and allows our staff to relay the status of your goods to you.

Our team will ensure that your goods are fully protected and prepared before shipment and that they are always sent by the specified time.

Contact John K Philips

At the John K Philips Group, we provide a bonded storage service catered to individual business needs, which enhances business efficiency, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Our service includes pick, patch and dispatch delivery, which means you can focus on your business, whilst we manage the order and distribution process for you.

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Another advantage of using our bonded warehouse service is gaining access to our expansive network, which covers the UK, Ireland, Europe, and even Asia, enabling endless distribution and economic growth.

For further information on our Manchester-based bonded warehouse, get in touch with one of our professional team members who can explain our services in more detail. You can fill in our online contact form or call us on 01744 751000.