Pick and Pack Services

We provide a full ‘pick, pack and dispatch’ service, so you can leave it to us to manage the order and delivery of your stock. Once we receive your order, we’ll immediately process it, pick, pack and dispatch your goods, and arrange for delivery through our extensive network.

We use a modern computerised system, so up-to-date information on all stock items is available to our clients at any time.

Order Management from John K. Philips

At John K. Philips, we pride ourselves on our logistical skills and expert coordination, and thanks to a team of dedicated experts and a cutting-edge computer software system designed specifically for complex warehousing and distribution operations, we can provide an industry-leading service that our competitors can’t match.

Our warehouse facilities use a state-of-the-art computer-coordinated barcode tracking system to make sure that every single consignment is accounted for and integrated seamlessly into our system, so when you send an order through to us, it’s quick and efficient to find the goods in question, pack them and dispatch them to wherever they are needed!

Warehousing and Consignment Tracking

Our 250,000 sq ft warehouse is located in St. Helens, only moments away from the UK’s major motorways and within striking distance of the North’s ports and airports. This strategic positioning allows John K. Philips customers to enjoy a flexibility and adaptability that is hard to quantify – the freedom to make use of such diverse and powerful transport networks at only a moment’s notice.

In addition to this, we provide full consignment tracking thanks to our state-of-the-art computer management system and barcode-based real-time tracking in our warehouse, so you never need to worry about losing a consignment – we’ve got the tracking for the job.

pick and pack services

Our Delivery Network

The John K. Philips delivery network spans from our home base in St. Helens, across the UK, Ireland and Europe – and thanks to our freight partners, like Asia Freight, our reach extends even further, across the globe. Wherever you need your delivery to go, our pick, pack and dispatch service can get it there, whether it’s Wigan or Tokyo!

Contact John K. Philips for Warehousing and Distribution Today!

For more information on our pick, pack and dispatch services, or to know more about our warehousing and processing facilities and services, you can get in touch with the John K. Philips head office by calling 01744 751000. Alternatively, you can send us a message on our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

Either way, you can get in touch with John K. Philips to find out anything you may wish to know about our delivery and distribution services or to ask any questions about our facilities and services. Our head office experts will be happy to provide you with any information you may need, along with any advice required to make sure that you find the ideal warehousing and distribution service for your business’ needs.

You can also use the contact information on this page – including our contact number, 01744 751000, to request a quote on Pick, Pack and Dispatch Services and Warehousing, or to make an order placing a consignment into our care. Just get in touch and let us know what we can do to help!