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Why Is Transportation Important?

A world without transport is one none of us has ever experienced in the 21st century. Even in the most out of the way villages you will see a car in a driveway. Moving into the city you can’t help but be bombarded with transport, cars, buses, trams, metro, trains, tuk tuk’s.

But why do we need it? Has Transport really improved our 21st century?

Well… Yes. The world we live in today would not be possible without the use of transportation and the innovations that have come from it. Mobility, travel and economic activity depend on it.

Without the cars, planes, trains and buses we’d struggle to get from place to place in the way we do now. It’s not as if we can walk to different cities or countries in a timely fashion. Millions of people depend on these vessels to go to work, home and to go about their daily businesses. Transportation provides efficient ways to transport people to wherever they need or want to go.

Having transport at any given time can help increase economic activity. Most industries and business’s require transportation to take and receive goods and raw materials in order to maintain a profit and keep a steady business, therefore an income. A lot of the time with speed. Economic growth depends on the availability of transport, it allows more trade to go out to a wider spread of consumers, making them able to obtain goods from a range of distances.

With so many people in the world, transport provides many opportunities of employment. Such as train drivers, deliveries, cabin crew, captains, piolets, conductors and people behind the scenes, in traffic control for example. It’s rare a job won’t have any needed transport.

Transportation is a good way to improve a location. Better access to transport increases a place’s popularity and there forth growth. It’s why so many roads and bridges seem to pop up everywhere you go. This reduces travel costs for businesses and consumers creating easier way for us to get what need or go to it.

Due to transport we live in the fast paced world we do. Where we can get pizza at 2am from a guy on a motorbike and run for trains at 8am.